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Mood Bloom offers science-based relief from depression and anxiety, in a fun and easy way.

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reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms


Start your journey towards a 45% reduction in depression in just 8 weeks! 

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Play Mood Bloom just a few minutes a day and feel your mood improve.

Therapy That Fits in Your Pocket

Mood Bloom transforms your phone into a pocket-sized complementary therapy. Play anytime to alleviate symptoms, improve your mood, and reclaim your emotional well-being, wherever you are.

Serious Science, 
Enjoyable Gameplay

Designed by neuroscience experts from Harvard Medical school, Mood Bloom helps bring long-lasting relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety by playing as little as a few minutes a day.

Weekly Mood Tracking Report

Track your emotional progress effortlessly with our weekly mood tracking report.

Gain actionable insights to fine-tune your

journey toward lasting mental well-being, all within the game.


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 Female, 44, Ohio

I feel lighte and happier after just two weeks of play

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Who We Are

Our team members are passionate about transforming the way we treat mental health issues, and many have been personally affected by depression and anxiety.

Samuel Keret, Chief Executive Officer

Founding team member at Waze and Chief Revenue Officer until 2021. He brings with him more than 25 years experience in tech and consumer app start-ups and a drive to apply that expertise to the transformation of mental illness treatment by means of digital therapeutics, providing accessible and affordable treatment to all.

Prof. Moshe Bar, Chief Scientific Officer

An internationally renowned neuroscientist and former professor at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. During his 25 years of research and work within cognitive neuroscience, Prof. Bar established that thought progression is critical for mood. Today he is dedicated to implementing the clinical research findings through an innovative mental health treatment.


Mood Bloom™ and Moodville™ are made available pursuant to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Current Enforcement Discretion Policy for Digital Health Devices for Psychiatric Disorders. These devices are intended for patients aged 18 years and older who suffer from mild to moderate depression and anxiety. MoodBloom™ and Moodville™ have not been cleared by the FDA for these indications. Hedonia’s app is in the process of a clinical trial that has not been completed yet and may therefore have unknown benefits and risks. Patients should contact their medical provider prior to using Hedonia’s products. These apps may be used without a prescription as an adjunct to your medical care. Hedonia’s products should not be used solely, or be primarily relied upon, to treat your mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Hedonia’s app does not replace the treatment of your medical provider and is not a substitute for any medication.

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